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Zelly, 2002


I am pleased to introduce Daybooks. A Daybook is a photo essay based on a day in the life of a child, a family, or a new mother. With natural light and quiet observation, I craft an extended portrait of a day in the life of your family. I love to incorporate handwritten stories, handprints, grocery lists, letters -- details that make the story of your family special.

A Daybook can commorate a special day, like the first day of kindergarten, a birthday, a haircut, a visit from grandma, or a day at work with daddy. Or it can commemorate everything special about an ordinary day. Either way, your Daybook becomes a central part of your family's history, a glimpse into the inner life of an emerging family.

A complete day book is presented as a thirty-page, custom printed, handmade archival book.

Click here to see Zelly's Day, an online version of a day book. Zelly is two years old. Each page of the finished book is 9"x9 ".